' A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life wrote a blank check made payable to:
'The United States of America ' for an amount of, 'up to and including my life.'
That is Honor,
and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it.'

Honor roll of Veterans Killed in Action or Died while in the service

Civil War Vets 
World War 1 Vets
World War 2 Vets
Korean War Vets
Viet Nam Vets

Please use forms below to provide me with names of those who served in other wars and/or conflicts
Meaning of folding the flag
Visit this page  to see list of  deceased ww2 veterans,
this page for
vets from war 1812, ww1 and civil wars and
 this page for vets from Korean and Vietnam war showing the information I have on them.

Please use forms below to provide me with names of those deceased who served in other wars and/or conflicts

Diary of WW1 Soldier  Be patient it takes a little while for the file to load.

WW2 Veterans story 1   Story  2 

Periods for Wars or conflicts 

World War II Registry

To search the electronic World War II Registry of Americans who contributed to the war effort, or add the name of a loved one, click here


Military History

All military history record form
Use to furnish information about your military service, experience and awards for all wars
Military history form for all veterans
Military Message form Use to send message to have posted to Alumni site.
Now in service Use to have person listed on website as now serving in armed forces
List of Vetereans Use this form to submit names of veterans of all wars and conflicts to be added to the list of veterans of all wars and conflicts
List of deceased WW2 vets Use this form to submit names of veterans of WW 2 that you know are deceased and not listed on List of Living WW2 Vets..  If you know where individual is buried please submit this form List where deceased vets buried.
List where deceased vets buried Use this for to submit names of veterans  showing military information and burial record

The link below is a virtual wall of all those lost during the Vietnam war with the names, bio's and other information on our lost heroes. Those who remember that timeframe, or perhaps lost friends or family can look them up on this site  http://www.virtualwall.org/iStates.htm

Veterans info now in archives

Brunswick History



Alumni who served 
Photos of some who served
Cemetery's where veterans buried
Alumni who served items of interest
Some medals/awards that Korean and Vietnam vets may have earned for service during these campaigns that they did not receive
Iraq Afghanistan vets news
Deceased veterans Presidential Memorial Certificates  available. Click hyperlink
Make people stop and think of our heroes, living and dead, who sacrificed themselves for us
Progress report on Veterans Memorial Park poject


"BHS Brick Walk” at BHS Stadium

BHS Athletic Boosters Engraved Brick Fundraiser

This may be something of interest to veterans
I have suggestion that there be a separate sections for veterans
Non alumni veterans would definitely  be welcome
Could likewise be a project for the Veterans Memorial Park

This is awesome ..
Get a load of these high school kids.  At the conclusion listen to the high notes on the trumpet . . . played by a high school kid?  One of the fathers recorded it, added some graphic enhancements to the recording, and posted it on the web.  The song, of course, is the 'Battle Hymn Of The Republic.'  Be prepared . . . it will definitely send a few shivers up your spine.  Click below!  Click here: Battle Hymn

I and thousands of GI's know the feeling this song by Bing Crosby brought to us at a critical time in our lives when we were far from home, made you homesick I'm dreaming of a white christmas

Soldier Killed in action versus lost of a family member in the September 11 attack

Old Man

Ole ED

Ed Freeman


Arlington at Christmas 

Tehenhut present haaarms

That ragged old flag

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