List of Deceased World War 2 Veterans

 If you have not seen a list of Veterans from WW2, than visit the BHS alumni website and look under Still living from Greatest Generation, which list the names of veterans already identified. Known deceased veterans are highlighted and some have an (*) following their name  You should be able to print out this list, it consist of 4 pages. If you know of deceased veterans not already identified please list them in the space provided below and click on submit at the bottom of the form to send the list.

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In the space below list the name of the deceased Veteran/Veterans.  Press the enter key after entering each name to keep each entry on a separate line.  The veterans listed are to be from the Brunswick, Knoxville, Weverton, Sandy Hook, Petersville,  Jefferson and Burkittsville area that are in the Brunswick High School district., but not necessarily alumni