Veterans  Honor Roll all Wars    
Brunswick - Knoxville - Sandy Hook - Weverton - Maryland
Some Pt of Rocks  - Lovettsville, VA

 Civil War

Gave Life For Our Country
DM Henry Danner Civil Died at Andersonville Prison with scorbutus  DM Joseph Danner Civil Died at Andersonville Prison with Typhoid Fever DM Edward Bond Civil Died at Point of Rocks of Apoplexy DM William H Hoover Civil Died at Andersonville Prison of Debilitas DOW Michael Ryan Civil Died from wound received in action near Waterford VA

WW1 - 1916 to 1918

Gave Life For Our Country

KIA Alvey D Keenan

DOW  William Ricketts

DM  George W Roeder

KIA  Harold W. W. Steadman

KIA  Killed in action - DOW  Died of wounds - DM  Died medical

WW2 December 7, 1941 to September 2, 1945

(32) Gave Life For Our Country
ACC   Garfield Ambrose     DNB   Eddie Frye            KIA    Paul E Huffer Jr        KIA    Wilbert L Munday      
KIA    S Eugene Axline      UNKN Elmer Riley           ACC   Paul E Huffer           KIA    Harry M Nuse           
DNB  William F Beacht    KIA    Donald Griffith       UNKN Paul R Hyatt          ACC   Harry W Rohrback, Jr
ACC  Charles S Bowers   KIA    Harry M Hahn, Jr    KIA    George Jenkins      KIA    George A Strathern      
KIA   Alex Clark              DNB   William Hanvey       DNB   Charles D Kidwiler    DNB   Orville Streight         
KIA   Glen Crim, Jr          KIA    Earl M Harwood     KIA    Marvin D Lowry     KIA    Gerald Tritapoe            
DOW Paul Cummings    DNB   Leslie A Himes       KIA    Charles T Mills       KIA    Charles R Waters         
KIA   Wesley D Dolan     KIA    Ruben Holler          KIA    Roland Moss             KIA    Gilmore M Will           

KIA - Killed in action  - DOW  Died of wounds - DNB  Died not battle - ACC  Accident - UNKN  Unknown

Korean War
Gave Life For Our Country


DNB  Sterling Ambrose 

DNB  George Ambrose 

KIA  Warren Clark

MIA  Jacob Ely

KIA   Samuel O Frye  

KIA  Killed in action    MIA  Missing in action presumed dead   DNB  Died not Battle

Viet Nam War
Gave Life For Our Country

KIA  Charles Harbert  KIA James K Caniford


Died while on a narcotics mission in Colombia, South America
Jennifer J Schafer