Progress report on Veterans Memorial Park project, "A" Street Brunswick, MD


Go to this link to see some photos of park by Mike Andrew as of 9/2/2009   Purchase a veterans granite marker  click on this link print copy of form, fill in and mail.

Go to this link to see some photos of park by Linda Henson as of Sept 1, 2009

8/27/2009 1:49:58 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Re: letters
Good afternoon Tracie;
All is going well with the park, below is a summary of where we stand.
The blocks at the end of the wall have now been raised one block to help define the wall and it looks alot better with their top caps now being raised above the rest of the wall.
The bases for the light poles had to be raised enough to keep the light globes out of harms way per the city. So right now to me they look a little high but I hope it will look great when the light poles are added. The light poles are on order and shall arrive within September. The electric meter and power outlets are in place.
The major lines for drip irrgation system and the drains are in place. The irragation system has the required backflow prevention valve and we have put gate on either side so we have replace it without a problem, when that time comes. Also the irragation system will have to be drained down every winter and started up again in the spring so all those necessary parts are installed.
The city will start this week taking out the rock filled soil/clay and then we will back fill with good soil. Then we will install planting, the irragation contractor will set the final drip lines around each planting, and we will cover it all with mulch.
The base for the new flag pole is in and the flag pole is on order.
The base for the fallen solider (empty boots) monument base is installed and Charlie Smith has the statue stored safely in his barn.
The gray loose gravel base for the paving stones has been poured and tamped down. We have five pallets of plain paving stones setting on the side of the street awaiting the engraved honor stones to arrive. Once the engraved honor stones arrive then we can place them and install the plain stones around them. The funeral home has both the list of the honor stones for those who died during service and those who have paid $500 to honor their own veteran.
We still need to build a shelter over the WWII booklet and refurbish the booklet.

Last but not least we are still raising money.

Best regards,
Mike Andrew

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Hi, Mike,

I have attached more thank you letters for the Monument Committee.  We won't be able to make it to the next meeting, as we will be out of town.  I hope all is going well.

Take care,
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THURSDAY , AUG. 27, 2009 

    As of today, the lights arrived and are in my barn
    the fallen soldier statue is in the barn
    the dirt has been dug out by the town today
    The old electric has been removed and the old pole removed
    The town is going to take down the old flag post.
    the sign for the tank will be delivered Monday and I dug the holes and placed pipe in them and will install the sign on Monday or Tuesday.
    Depending on the weather, a group is needed to spread the top soil being delivered on Tuesday morning.  I am hoping to call some of my friends and ask them to help

    Lough Monuments has let me down by not having all the stones-per their agreement-delivered by Aug. 15th. I spoke to Jeff and he assured me they will be delivered by Sept. 11th.   They are delivering 40 more tomorrow - Friday the 28th.
    2 trees will be planted soon which are being donated by a gentleman from Adamstown.  We also are working with the City in a design for the shrubs and flowers.  Everything is moving forward.

    The two guys that are going to do the work on the book will be starting in the next few weeks.  84 Lumber has tentatively agreed to donate the lumber for this part of the project.

    Charlie & Buttons    Construction team report

Brunswick's Memorial Park to get a facelift
Originally published July 10, 2008

By Karen Gardner
News-Post Staff

BRUNSWICK -- The Brunswick City Council on Tuesday approved the first step needed to spruce up long-neglected Memorial Park.
     The council agreed to provide a right-of-way for the local chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to build a monument on the A Street median, where the park is located.
The park already has a World War II-era Stuart tank and a metal book that stands several feet high, containing the names of veterans who served in World War I and II.
     What it doesn't have is landscaping. Also, the book is rusting and can't be opened. Concrete pads where machine guns once stood are empty since the guns were moved to the Brunswick American Legion building.
     The monument will be new to the park. "It will be dedicated to all veterans who served our country in peace and in war," Floyd Goetz, a VFW member, said. The entire project is expected to cost $45,000. Half of that has been raised.
     The VFW has hired a landscape architect in Jefferson to design the park. Brunswick's Public Works Department will need to approve the plans before construction begins.
Goetz said he expects the project will take two years to complete. The park will have a meditation area with the names of all local service members who have been killed in action. The park will also have flowers and shrubs; a bed of poppies is planned.
     To raise funds, the VFW plans to sell stones carved with the names of local veterans. The VFW has also asked the local Fraternal Order of Eagles chapter for a donation to help refurbish the book. The FOE originally paid to have the book created.
     The park will be made handicapped accessible.
Memorial Park was often used in the post World War II years, but the community's Veteran's Day parade has bypassed it since the 1970s. The park gets little attention other than by city mowing crews, except each Memorial Day when a small ceremony takes place.

When and where it all got started

Old tank gets a new look Original
Brunswick Memorial Park