Memorial Day has past.  Flags were  placed at all known veterans graves. 

 If  you know of any veteran's grave that does not have a flag on it let me know so  

that I can advise the proper authority

Brunswick hopes to restore
 Memorial Park

BRUNSWICK -- A roll call of World War I and II veterans, made of metal, is covered with cobwebs. Paint peels off a large military tank. Several concrete pads stand empty, the machine guns once displayed there long gone.

A committee of about 15 people want to change this. The group wants to erect a new Brunswick Veterans Memorial and spruce up the roll call, tank and landscaping at Memorial Park. They hope the community will become proud of the park
Plans for the park began in February. Floyd Goetz proposed the project at a VFW meeting, and Wendell Stewart, Walter Routzahn and Andrew began recruiting others to help

Brunswick hopes to restore Memorial Park

Michael Andrew, spokesman for the committee, has appeared before the city council and other community groups seeking support for the project

Get R Done

Come on Vets support this.
Only You Can Make It Happen

Update 4/9/2008


I need your help to compile information on our desceased veterans
.  Visit this page to see list of 
ww2 veterans and this page for vets from other wars showing the information I have on them.
  If you can furnish  additional information on these vets or others please submit this form  or shorter form
Three Barker generation serving in WW2, WW1 and Civil War.   Why don't you submit those from your family . Another Civil war vet grand father of Richard and Eugene Bowers 
If you are a veteran or know of a veterans not shown on these list, please fill out this form and send to me so a record can be produced.
Some excerpts from the Frederick News Post

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