Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington, VA


Francis William Barker
BHS Alumni Class 1941

Branch of service U. S. Army  33846309 - 101st Airborne Division, 502nd Parachute Inf, Company "D"
Rank PFC
Entered service  3/17/1944 Discharged 1//25/1946
Enlisted 6/14/1948 Discharged 2/12/1950
Enlisted Air National Guard and U.S.A.F Res Final Discharge 10/18/1960
Birth: 5/21/1922
Died September 26, 1961
Buried Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA Section 28 Site 2983


Served in the U. S. Army in the 101st Airborne Division.

Was in the Battle of the Bulge at Bastogne, December 1944.
Is buried at Arlington National Cemetery

Screaming Eagles



101st Airborne Division


Combat Infantry




Good Conduct

European Africa Middle East Service

WWII Victory Presidential Citation Belgiam Fourrager

Entered service U. S Army March 17, 1944 , Served with 101st Airborne Division, 502nd Parachute Inf., Company "D".  Discharged January 25, 1946

Enlisted June 14, 1948 and served in U.S. Air Force, Sheppard AF base, Texas - Keesler Field, Biloxi, Mississippi.  Discharged February 12, 1950

Joined U. S. Air National Guard, 167th Tactical Fighter Sq. Martinsburg WV  and discharged June 24, 1959.

Joined U.S.A.F. Reserve Discharged October 18, 1960