Things Old Geezers Remember
And Kids Do Not Do Anymore

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World War 2 ration stamps Walking all over town calling railroad engine and train service employees to work as very few had telephones
Stores close at 5PM Stores closed on Sunday
Zoot suits Bobby socks
Apple dunkin Shaving ice making Snow Balls and selling them on a street corner
Attending Saturday matinees at the movies seeing Our Gang Sailing paper airplane
Drive in theaters Shooting Marbles
Flying kites Sled riding on "A" St "D" St etc
Fox and hounds Sliding down the big sliding board at Braddock Heights
Sugar water in wax bottle that looked like a coke bottle Pop in glass bottles dispensed from a machine
Green Stamps Pop guns that shot corks
News reels at the movies before the main picture Candy cigaratettes
The Studebaker, Edsel car Ice cube trays made of medal with a lever to break the ice loose
Going on hikes Sling Shots
Going to Mains Ice Cream place in Middletown Spin the bottle
Halloween soaping windows Spin the pan
Halloween upsetting out-houses or toilets, one caught on cloth line and rolled 25 to 30 feet down the yard and made to set them back up when caught Swimming hole at Bells Mill
Hanging your swimming trunks on the radio antenna of your car to dry Swimming hole at Three Rocks
Having parties in homes Throwing Darts
Hitch hiking Thumb tack under person setting in front of you
Hop scotch Walking across the old wooden river bridge
Hula hoops Weiner roast
Ice skating on the canal or gut Walking to and from the Prom
Jumping rope Dancing at Braddock Heights
Leap Frog  Dancing at Farmers Woods
Lovers knob on the steering wheel School participating in annual Winchester Apple Blossom Parade
Making and riding soap box cars Whoopee Cushions
Making and shooting bean shooters Buying song sheets at the Dime store
Outhouse - Toilet with one and two holes - some with 1/4 moon cut in the door Going to bank night at the movies
Parents parking on East Potomac Street on Sunday afternoons to watch trains on the turn table at the round house Taking annual train trip to Senators baseball games at Griffith Stadium in Washington and the Red Skins football games.
Ping Pong Having refreshments coke, sodas, sunday's etc. at our favorite Drug Store
Pitching rubber horse shoes in school building Attending several carnivals each year
Trying to get the golden ring while riding the Merry-Go-Round at Braddock Heights Watching riders trying to grab rings on lances while riding a horse at Framers Woods
Playing cards fish Playing blind mans bluff
Playing cards flinch Trying to catch the greasy pig at Farmers Woods picnics
Playing cards old maid Trying to climb the greased pole at Farmers Woods picnics
Playing checkers Going in fields and gathering greens
Playing cops and robbers Going in woods and fence rows gathering berries
Telephone having party lines 78 and 45 rpm records
Wash tub ringers Lunch shops and bars with jute boxes in the booths or on the tables
Roller skate keys Wash board
Drive in theaters Howdy Dowdy
Playing cowboys and Indians using cap guns Making apple butter
Playing dodge ball Butchering hogs
Playing dominos Making butter from cream milk
Playing hide and go seek Thinning field corn - cutting and shocking corn - husking corn
Playing hockey on roller skates Sawing wood with a two man cross cut saw
Playing horse shoes Chopping kindling and fire wood with a axe
Playing ice hockey Knitting, Embroidering and making Quilts
Playing jacks Watching test patterns on TV
Playing kick the can Smoking corn silk
Playing momley peg Uncle Herb's Club at the theatre on Saturday afternoon (Herb Goldberg)
Playing tag Going to Saturday movies to see the serials and matinee movies
Playing yard darts Seeing live stage shows at the theatre and fire hall
Putting pennies or dimes in loafers, the slit on top of the shoe Play Keno at the theatre
Roasting Marshmallows Hearing railroad work-crew callers during the night calling men to work
Roller skating at Braddock Being one of these crew callers
Roller skating on sidewalks Hearing about summer jobs on the railroad as "Chalker" or "Checker"
Rolling a pack of cigarettes up in the sleeve of T shirts. Selling garden products from garden
Rolling hoops Selling bottled pop at ball games
The arrival of New-Years.  The railroaders would clang every bell and blow all whistles they could find The routine noises of the railroad, whistle blowing, clanging of cars and the rush of through trains
The smell of coal smoke and cinder going down your neck Shooting pool/billiards, playing pinball machines at Parsons pool hall
Rolling your own cigarette Munching on one of Mac's Sub's from Fosters
Enjoying a lot of dancing at the Fire Hall and all of the great entertaining groups Summer Carnivals at the City Park
The oranges and candy given away at Christmas at the theater, compliment of local civic lodges Large Christmas tree at the Imperial mounted on an elevator raised above the stage before the movie and lowered with manual crank as the movie began
Hearing the rumble of the floor of the old Virginia-Maryland river bridge The eleven o'clock whistle on the railroad
Summer baseball and soccer games on the High School diamond Sonny Cannon's sound truck running the streets for special occasions
Boy scouting Employed with the Imperial Theater as projectionist
You could buy candy for a penny Gasoline cost 25 cents a gallon
A hamburger at McDonalds cost 15 cents The drive in theater
You chose teams with a hand on a bat calling choosing up sides. Spinning around bat until you got dizzy
Eagle's picnic at "Eagle's Park." Hanging out at Litten's body shop, watching them customize Eagle's car
Loud mufflers on the 50's cars The School Bell
Guys dressing with their jeans very low on hips Dressing white shirt, tie and Levi jeans
Sonny Cannon constructing supper loud speakers from wash tubs Girls would wear a puppy-collar on their ankle to indicate they had a boy friend
Lighting struck the high chimney at the corner of the auditorium at the High School Lunch time dancing with Jute-Box music in the school auditorium
Bowling for 10 cents a game Crimping evaporated milk cans to your shoes and walking on them
Bought my first car a 1946 Super Deluxe Ford for $1750. Best Ford on market Ride in rumble seat of car
Riding the B&O Tooneyville trolley train to Hagerstown and Frederick Play Victoria - Jute Box
Wearing cardboard in shoe to cover holes in sole of shoe Making snow ice cream
Walking on home-made stilts Wearing knickers
When the only air conditioning was at the theatre Ride west through Brunswick headed for San Antonio Texas in service
House of David, long-bearded baseball team playing donkey ball games Going to Scheer Stadium on th 4th of July for the carnival and fire works
Being able to peddle my bicycle up the big high school hill, with out stopping. Riding through Brunswick after entering Army on way to Arkansas in WW2
Putting play card to the rear wheel of bike to make noise Soap box derby races on the hill in Tin Row
Having an attendant pump gas, check oil, check tire pressure wash the windshield and vacuum your car when you stopped for gas. Clamp around right pants leg to keep the pants from being caught in the chain as  it went around
Standing outside Gross Bros and Mr Weller's on New York Hill to watch telivision at night. Inter-city soft ball at football stadium Wenner's Hill, vs New York Hill, East-end, West-end etc.
Walking up High School hill Home made ice cream
River floods 1936 and 1947 water covered railroad tracks to station Catching balls, baseballs and softballs without gloves.
Making balls from rags. twine and tape and using railroad brake club for a bat. Nailing a bushel basket to a building or telephone pole for a basketball rim and net
Watching football at the stadium with the likes of Glen McQuillen and others playing Road steam- roller running out of control down Wenner's Hill, driver turned into curb trying to stop it, but it overturned killing driver
Pound party Apple peeling party
Roll a hoop Hop-scotch
Scrub soft-ball Movie tickets costing 15 cents
Make taffy - Pull taffy Catholic church picnics at park
Playing ping-pong during lunch hour Dance classes at BHS
Girls wearing beanie hats and knee socks Boys wearing black & white or brown & white wing-tip oxfords
Making rag rugs Walking over a mile to school
Sled riding on ice crusted snow over fences Rolling Easter eggs
Going swimming at swimming hole in Potomac Poling a boat
Dipping for fish in the Potomac Playing May I
Dipping fish from river bridge Playing hot potato who's got the potato
Bottling root beer The rhythm of automobile tire chains in the winter.
Knee high boots with knife holder on the side Swimming in the canal
Making flat bottom wooden boats Setting bush bobs, outlines  and floating gallon jugs with bobs to catch cat fish
Riding double on bicycles Walking railroad track gathering lead from torpedoes for sinkers to fish
City dump along towpath Shoveling ashes from stoves/furnaces and carrying outside to dump in ruts in road
Must side streets were dirt unpaved Playing in ditches being dug for town sewers
Playing slot machines at various clubs and bars Riding bike to Bells Mill and Frederick
Making home brew beer Making cider by crushing apples to obtain the juice
Taking kids snipe hunting Cranking up a victrola to play records
Playing a player piano Cranking a car to start - setting the spark on the steering wheel
Carrying water from spring to home for drinking water etc. Dressing up during Christmas holiday to go krist kingling
Catching water from roof in a cistern Catching water coming off of roof in a rain barrel
Picking bean beetle, tomato bugs and  potato bugs from plants in garden Pumping water from a well
Making villages with trains operating under Christmas tree at Christmas time Spading a garden, planting it, hoeing and weeding it
Playing poker: bidding with match sticks or tooth picks. Stocking shelves in small grocery and hardware store
Waterproofing shoes or boots with hog rind fat Getting soaked when it rained as boys didn't use umbrellas
  Bow ties


Some old geezer that contributed information Richard Bowers Class 1936, Elaine Koogle (Bowers)Class 1939, Slick Summers Class 1952 and John Spitzer Class 1956, Adelaide Webber (Bower) Class 1940

Some photos by John Spitzer, Class 1956 =Walling up old high school hill =Potomac River bridge