World War II ration stamps

Gasoline ration stamps

(A) stamp non essential 3 to 4 gallons per week    (B) stamp essential to war effort 8 gallon per week   (C) Physician, minister, mail carriers, railroad workers
(T) Trucks     (X) Congress and VIP's



In 1942, During WW2, rationing of different foods, gas, and clothing began. Ration stamps were issued to all Americans. The stamps were used to buy rationed items. Rationed items were items of limited quantity because the soldiers needed the items to aid them in fighting the war. The stamps came in books like postage stamp books, they both look similar to each other.

Instructions on how to use the stamps were extremely complicated. All red and blue ration stamps were worth 10 points. Red and blue tokens were worth 1 point each. Red and blue tokens were used to make change for red and blue stamps only when a purchase was made.

                    Shopping guide



Point Value:

Porterhouse steak









American cheese



Gas was also rationed too. All car owners received a letter windshield stickers and a gas ration coupon booklet. The typical car owner received an "A" gas ration coupon booklet, allowed 150 miles of driving per month and only 3 gallons per week, but if someone’s job required them to drive further then the "A" book allowed them they would be eligible for the "B" gas ration coupon booklet. The "C" gas ration stamp booklets were for doctors, ministers, or people working directly for the war effort. Below is a list of the different kinds of gas ration coupons, also it shows who used them and how much gas you were allowed to use.

Coupon Who Was Eligible Value
A general population 4 gallons/week
B those essential to war effort 8 gallons/week
C ministers, doctors, etc. depends to how much was needed
D motorcycles 2 gallons per week
E non-highway vehicles 2 gallons/week
R non-highway vehicles 5 gallons/week
TT approved commercial trucks 5 gallons/week
X congressman unlimited



In order to conserve strategic war materials, rationing of commonplace items was instituted in 1942.  Rationing was regulated by the Office of Price Administration and ration books holding stamps used for purchasing goods were distributed to all citizens.  Rubber was the first commodity rationed followed by gasoline and foodstuff such as sugar, coffee, meats butter, canned goods, and shoes and clothing.  Many items, such as alcohol, were not rationed, but were in short supply.

Inside of ration book

- blank forms from rationing program
- Certificate to Acquire Men's Rubber Boots and Rubber Work Boots
- Application for Certificate to Rent Class B Typewriter
- Nontransferable Certificate for Purchase of Tires or Tubes or Recapping Service
- Certificate for Acquisition of New Passenger Automobile Purchased on or before January 1, 1942
- Certificate Authorizing Acquisition of New Adult Bicycles
- Application and Registration Certificate for Fuel Oil Dealer or Supplier
- Certificate to Purchase 1942 Model Passenger Car for Use
- Sugar Purchase Certificate
- Typewriter Rental Certificate
- Stove Purchase Certificate
- Rubber Footwear Purchasing Certificate
- Shoe Purchase Certificate
- Tire Certificate
- Mileage Rationing Program Certificate
- Food Ration Certificate
- Fuel Oil Deposit Certificate
- Gasoline Deposit Certificate
- Acknowledgement and Authorization of Delivery Gasoline and Fuel Oil

Ration Books and Cards (1)
- Ration Book Holder containing used ration books and cards
- War Ration Book Two [5]
- 405721 - blank
- 683938B - Betty Ellen White
- 683939B - Eleanor H. White
- 683940B - Kenneth L. White
- 683941B - Lydia R. Newman
- War Ration Book Five
- Basic Gasoline Ration
- Supplemental Gasoline Ration
- Transportation Mileage Ration [2]
- Gasoline Ration Card No. 1011373
- Gasoline Ration Card No. 1799287
- Gasoline Ration Card No. 442714
- Gasoline Ration Card No. 568926

Coupon Sheets
- Sugar Allowance Coupon
- Nonhighway Rations [Mileage Rations]
- Supplemental Mileage Ration [3]
- Motorcycle Mileage Ration
- Basic Mileage Ration [2]
- Processed Foods: Ration Card for Residents of Border Zone in Mexico [2]
- Meats - Fats - Fish - Cheeses: Ration Card for Residents of Border Zone in Mexico
- Special Shoe Stamps
- sheet of stamps marked Non-Rationed Shoes
- V-Fuel Oil Ration [9]
- Gasoline: One-gallon Bulk Coupons
- Gasoline: One-gallon Inventory Coupons [2]
- Fuel Oil Ration [11]
- Fuel Oil - One Gallon Inventory Coupons [2]