Things Old Geezers Remember
And Kids Do Not Do Anymore




 Soda bottle caps slipped between the spokes of your bicycle wheels, for decoration. Jet boots
Siren mounted on the front fork of your bicycle pulled against the tire to rotate it and make a police siren sound when pedaling the bike. Argyle socks and ties worn with white shirt, jeans, with or without white buck shoes
  Bobby socks


Saturday night was dress up night.
Glass packed mufflers (Hollywood mufflers) Duck-tail and Flat top hair cuts
Spinner hub caps  
Rumor was, there was a carburetor for  your car that would give you 40 MPG  
Out side sun visors, spot light, fender skirts, mud flaps, curb detectors, automatic high beam dimmers for your car.  
Some added squirrel tails to their radio antenna  


Black ink stamp on your wrist to ID you when leaving the Fire Hall dances  
Dance's: Paul Jones, Slow, Jitter Bug, Bunny Hop  
Church keys  
Sound system on a tower near the Fire Hall, during Christmas, music would be played and could be heard all-over central Brunswick.  
An hour of country music broadcasted live remotely from the Fire Hall on Saturday night to 99.9 WFMD in Frederick, MD  
Before 1953 the vacant lot where the new VA/MD bridge egress's had summer carnivals and other community celebrations  


Some old geezer that contributed information Richard Bowers Class 1936, Elaine Koogle (Bowers)Class 1939, Slick Summers Class 1952 and John Spitzer Class 1956, Adelaide Webber (Bower) Class 1940

Some photos by John Spitzer, Class 1956 =Walling up old high school hill =Potomac River bridge