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Class of 2001 Lily O'Brien and Paul Bisson wedding took place 5/30/2009 in Chincoteague, VA

Class of 1998 Jennifer Staccone and Edward R Fino III wedding took place December 31, 2010

Class 1996 Donald Drury and Sarah Freitas were wed Oct 10, 2010 in Walkersville MD

Class 2006 Kristal Baker and  Samuel Leterer were wed May 1, 2010 at Jenkins Memorial Church, Pasadena, MD

Class 2006 Sara Dockery and David Ames plan wedding on May 15, 2010 at Harmony Hall, Hamilton, VA

Class 1996 Shirl Mindy Wolfe (Wilson) and Richard Wilson, Jr. were wed August 7, 1999 at Centennial Memorial United Methodist Church, Frederick, MD

Class 1960 Rhett Webber and Rosario Brosas  were wed Oct 16, 2002 at Bauang, San Fernando, La Union, Philippines

Class 1997 Jamie Barnett and Dennis Smith were wed June 3, 2000 at Faith Baptist Church, Knoxville, MD

Class 1995 Kelli Ann Savage and Matt Welsh were wed May 24, 2003 at farm Knoxville, MD

Class 2003 Erin Stone and Jason Ingram-Greensboro, NC plan weddng April 26, 2009.  Wedding and reception to be held at the Kress Terrace in downtown, Greensboro, NC

Class 1995 Jennifer Runkles and Lance Nairn were wed on May 17, 2008 at St Paul Lutheran Church, Jefferson, MD

Class 2002 Jennifer Free and Joseph Bland planned wedding for 5/9/2009 to be held at Poolesville, MD

Class 2002 Margaret T Dasch-Peterson and Mark Haase wedding to take place May 17, 2008 at Bedington United Methodist Church at 2 PM

Class 1997 Julie Lockard and Sam Prevratil St Petersburg, FL, wedding took place June 4, 2005 at Outer Banks, NC.

Class 2000 Chontelle Layne and Robert Jones, Thomaston, CT wedding took place June 21,2002 at Baker Park Frederick Maryland

Class 2001 Kimberly Sowers and John David Robinson wedding took place April 3, 2007 on Jekyll Island, GA and residing in Frederick.

Class 1993 Futh Morris and John Minor wedding took place April 14, 2001 at Mount Zion AME Church, Knoxville, MD

Class 1998 Jennifer Runkles wedding announcement to Lance Naim of Middletown scheduled for May 18, 2008.  Place not decided yet.

Class 1994 Linnette Marie Moore (Johnson) and James Johnson wedding took place October 31,2003 at back deck of parents house in Knoxville, Maryland

Class 1996 Amie Hess (Taylor) and Christopher Taylor wedding took place in Burkittsville, MD May 11, 2002

Class 1996 Angela Hagan and Thomas Lakin wedding took place 9/15/1999 in Frederick, MD

Class of 2001 Mercedes Renee Maddox and Robert Gilbert wedding to take place October 17, 2006 and then leaving for a honeymoon in Florida for 10 days

Class 1997 Melissa Osborne and Steve Rogers from Mitchell IN wedding to take place July 15, 2006 at Myersville, Maryland

Class 1995 Jason Russell and Mary Endicott wedding took place on February 6, 2006 in Siesta Key FL.  The reception t4ook place at Coasters on the bay in Sarasota FL.  They honeymooned in the Siesta Key area see photo

Class 2000 Brandy Smith and Jason Greenawalt from Middletown were married October 24, 2004 at New York Hill United Methodist Church, Brunswick, MD

Class 1996 Kathleen Katie McLane and Eric Rymer were married October 12, 2002 in TN see photos

Class 1996 Chad Hartman and Class 1997 Julie Foltz were wed August 10, 2002 at Tehe Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, MD

Class 1995 Jason Russell and Mary Endicott of Winchester wedding scheduled for February 6, 2006 at Siesta Key, FL on the beach.

Class 1999 Christopher (Chris) Moser and Traci Williams Chesnee, Chesneem SC, wedding was held May 21, 2005 at Speigel Farms Campobello, SC

Class 1993 Stacy Simons and Edward Zimmerman were wed April 30, 2005 at Beth Haven Baptist Church, Hagerstown, MD

Class 1998 Dana Norris and Nicholas Grayson were wed May 14, 2005 at St Paul Lutheran Church in Jefferson, MD and the reception was held at Martin's reception hall in Walkersville, MD.   They honeymoon in Toronto, ON Canada  See photo

Class 1997 Waneta Denise Holmes and Ricky Henderson were wed August 10, 2002 at Mt Zion A.M.E. Church in Knoxville, MD

Class 2000 Kimberly Thompson and Mike Taulton were wed May 14, 2005 at the American Legion, Brunseick, MD  See photo

Class 1994 Lea Nutter and David McGill were wed September 12, 1998 at Brownsville Churdh of the Bretheran, Brownsville, MD  see photo

Class 1996 Andrea Lynn Heffner and Jeffery Murray were wed June 26, 1999 at First United Methodist Church, Brunswick, MD

Class 1999 Gretchen Unger and Alex Paschalides were wed September 25, 2004 in Frederick, MD

Class 1996 Brian Dahlheimer and Misty Mulligan, Middletown, RI were September 16, 2002 in San Diego, CA

Class 1992 Robert Allen Teeter, Jr. and Jodie hunter were wed 5/2/1997 in Frederick, MD

Class 1993 Ryan Reynolds and Heather Black wedding to be held at Christ Reformed Church, Middletown, MD on June 18, 2005

Class of 1989 Diane Nichols and Dan Rinehart were wed December 3, 2004 at Pleasent View Church, outside of Burkittsville, MD

Class of 1995 Lenor Rudy and Dave Michalak wedding held December 11, 2004 at Lynfield Event Complex, Frederick, MD

Class of 2000 Jessie House and Ray Tyler were wed July 28, 2004 at Candlelight Chapel, Las Vegas, Nevada

Class 1992 Larry Mills and Sarah Geisbert Class 1999 were wed at Edgewood Church of God, Frederick, MD 4/20/2001

Class 1990 Katie Runkles and Chad Perine of Wolfsville were wed at Grossnickle Church of the Brethern October 9, 2004

Class of 1998 Julie Yingling and Chris Mowdy were wed August 28, 2004 at Holly Hills Country Club, Frederick, MD

Class 1996 Melissa Connelly and Richard Bussell were wed at Catoctin Inn, Buckeystown, MD 9/29/2002

Class of 1998 Richelle Anderson and Charles Spadfford were wed on June 12, 2004 at Links at Gettysburg Golf Resort

Class 1998 Emily Crone and Jason Buri from Pittsburgh, PA will take place at Bethany Lutheran Church, Brunswick, MD on October 9, 2004.

Class 1998 both Brigid Darling and Adam Eshbuagh wedding took place at Ceresville Mansion, Frederick, MD August 6, 2004

Class 1996 Kristie Lyn Stockman see Photo and Phil Graves wedding took place at Faith Baptist Church, Knosville, MD 4/12/2003

Class of 1990 Katie Runkles and Chad Perine (Wofsville, MD) wedding will be held at the Grossnickle Church of the Brethern in Myersville, MD October 9, 2004

Class 1999 Jennifer Reed and Patrick Shafer were married at Sandals Resort in St Lucia, barefooted and on the white sandy beach  January 14, 2003

Class 1999 Amanda Dankmeyer and Jason Burdette wedding planned for September 11, 2004 at Coffman Chapel Frederick, MD

Class 1998 Barbara Geisler and Chas Kaas wedding planned for October 2, 2004

Class 1997 Amber Ricketts and Jeremy Lowery were married August 23, 2003 at All Saints Episcopal Church, West Church Street, Frederick, MD

Class of 1998 Dana Norris and Nicolas Grayson wedding planned for May 14, 2005 place still in planning stage.

Class of 1993 Clay Smith and Kelly Lydard were married on July 19, 2003 at Saint Paul Luthern Church in Jefferson, MD

Class of 1993 Jann French  and Dwain Stockman were wed May 31, 1997 at Faith Bapitst Church, Knoxville, MD

Class of 2000 Brian A Teller and Heather Reazin to wed September 4, 2004 at the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, Boonsboro, MD
Congratulations Heather and Brian.  Submit photos of event.

Class of 1998 Kimberlee Smith and Daniel Butler, Jr. of Charles Town, WV planned wedding on March 27, 2004 in Frederick, MD

Class 1964 Kim Myers and Debby Rice wedding to take place March 14, 2004 in Rdemond, WA

Class of 1999 Nichole Timmer and Joshua Ketterman wedding to be held May 23, 2004, an outdoor wedding at the Browning Building at Pinecliff Park...honeymoon in Vegas baby!!!

Class of 1997 Amber Ricketts and Jeremy Lowery wedding took place August 23, 2003

Class 2002 Jennifer (Katie) Horman and Thomas Hipkins Jr wedding took place at Wesley United Methodist Chapel, Urbana MD May 10, 2003 (Photo)

Class 1997 Lucy Adney and Mark Pry wedding planned fo October 3, 2004 at Cloisters Castle outside Baltimoer.  We will honeymoon in Seattle, WA

Class of 1998 Jennifer Staccone and Herbie Grimes wedding took place in Green Valley Frist Baptist Church of Monrovia, MD April 28, 2001

Class 1998 Jacki Weddle and Michael Hinkel wedding took place in Frederick courthouse (due to military responsibility there was no time for a "real" wedding) June 24, 2003

Class of 1994 Emily Cassell and JT Mass wedding took place in Quechee, VT on September 20, 2003

Class of 2000 Tama Smith and Michael Cress Jr. class of 1997, wedding took place September 21, 2002

Class 1999 Alyssa Tuel and Tom Wunk wedding scheduled for September 20, 2003

Class of 1985 Angela Weddle (Armstrong) and Paul Armstrong wedding took place on November 17, 2001 in Brunswick, MD  Photo

Class of 1997 Julie Foltz (Hartman) and Chad Hartman wedding took place on August 10, 2002 at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Church Street, Frederick, MD.  You can send your congratulation via E-Mail to snail mail address 6507 Mallery Court, Frederick, MD 21709

Class 1991 Linda Reynolds (Gastley) has a planned wedding with Jim Merrell for July 26, 2002.

Send in your announcements.  Your alumni are interested.