List of Alumni that had a railroading career

NAME and year graduated Capacity Headquarters where worked Period worked
Curtis (Curt) Webber Class 1941 - Spouse Faye Bower and 5 children -12 grand children and - 8 great grand children Clerical /Management/Administrative Washington, Brunswick, Hagerstown, Baltimore, Bradford, PA, Portsmouth, OH, Middletown, OH Cincinnati, OH 1941 to 1985
Richard (Dick) Kline Class 1945 Mechanical Department Brunswick, Grafton, WV, Baltimore MD, Toledo, OH, Wheeling, WV, AMTRAK Eastern Region 1946-2003
Wayne Runkles  Class 1969 Car Department Brunswick, MD 1970-2003
David L Cage Yard Clerk - Caller - Crew Dispatcher Brunswick, Baltimore, Jacksonville, FL 1966 - 2004
Austin (Sockie) Myers Class 1936 - Spouse Audrey Harrington and 3 children Locomotive Engineer Brunswick Baltimore Division Retired in 1979 passed away of lung cancer just monts after retiring
Francis William Barker Class 1941 Locomotive Engineer Brunswick Baltimore Division  - 1962
James Barker Brakeman Brunswick, Cumberland Division  1976 - 1978

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