Curtis (Curt) Webber
Born 10/26/1924
Retired October 1984

Position held when retired

Asst Supt Division Administration
Western Division - Cincinnati, OH

Transportation Dept

11198 Lincolnshire Road

Cincinnati, OH 45240 - 2901



Martial Status

Spouse Name
Faye (Deceased 3/7/2000)


          12                       5

Career With Company

June 13, 1941 started work on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad at Washington DC, Freight Station as a Messenger.  Worked as Trucker, Checker, Receiving clerk on the platform, Claim clerk and Bookkeeping Machine Operator in the Freight Agent's office at different time from 1941 to 1959.  Moved between Washington, Brunswick, MD and Hagerstown, MD during this period.

Brunswick, MD worked as Crew Caller during 1942 and 1943.  Volunteered to go into the service in November 1942 and was inducted into Army in March 1943.  Served 33 months in the Army including 27 months in the Pacific in the Medical Corp and discharged as Corporal. in December 1945

Upon returning from service in December 1945 I returned to the crew callers office in Brunswick.  Also worked there as Chief Caller, Yard Clerk and Yardmaster until late in 1946  when I returned to Washington and worked on the platform as a Checker and Clerk to General Foreman on the platform and Claim Clerk in the Agents office. Got married in June 1947 and returned to Brunswick as Crew Caller, Chief Caller, Yard clerk and Yardmaster until middle 50's..  Moved to Hagerstown MD as Claim Clerk and later Chief Clerk to Agent. 

Returned to Washington DC as Bookkeeping Machine Operator in 1957 and later promoted to B&O Supervisor Station Operation, Baltimore, MD in 1959.  Promoted to Freight Agent Yardmaster, Bradford, PA 1960.  Promoted  to Portsmouth, OH in 1961 in same capacity. Promoted to Middletown, OH same capacity in 1965.  Returned as Chessie System, Supervisor Station Operation Cincinnati, OH in 1967, returned to Baltimore as Chessie System, Supervisor Station Operation in 1970, Promoted to Regional Supt Station Operation in 1971.  Promoted to Supt Agency Yard Office, Western Div Cincinnati OH, 1974 changed to CSX Asst Supt Division Admin Western Div 1981.  Left for vacation in October 1984 at age 60 and retirement began in February 1985 after 44 year service.