Where I lived while attending High School
Wenner's Hill New York Hill East-end West-end  High School Hill Brick Yard Hill Gum Spring Hollow Rosemont New Addition Knoxville Weverton Sandy Hook Petersville Burkittsville Jefferson Pt of Rocks Bells Mill

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Wenner's Hill

High School  residence

Current residence
41 Curtis Webber,  West D, East E and East C St

11198 Lincolnshire Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45240  Curwebber@aol.com

64 Kim Myers 811 North Maple Avenue

4104 182nd Avenue SE, Issaquah, WA 98027 genealogykim@hotmail.com

36 Richard Bowers 7 East D St

210 Wyngate Drive, Frederick, MD 21701 rcbowers@adelphia.net

74 Rhonda Lynn Rooney 707 North Maple Ave and 7 East G Street

5926 Woodville Road, Mount Airy, MD 21771 irishemerald12@wmconnect.com  / garnetgold@webtv.net

New York Hill

63 Donna Derflinger (Myers) 726 E "D" St

2644 W Boss Arnold Road, Knoxville, MD, 21758 donna3m@aol.com

76 Rhonda Kay Wenner 716 Park Avenue, Brunswick, MD 907 Jefferson Pike, Knoxville, MD 21758 rhonda.renn@fcps.org


78 Kenneth Eshbaugh 202 7th Avenue

213 Tamarack way Brunswick, MD dupont_24@adelphia.net

70 Donna Russell 1114 Second Avenue

3116 Hancock Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23323 djrussell@cox.net

54 Jacquelyn Pauline McIntosh (Ebersoles) 506 A Street ((Good ol East end)) 1219 Rosemont Drive, Rosemont, MD 21756 cebersoles@aol.com 


36 Richard Bowers North VA Ave, Brunswick St. W Potomac

210 Wyngate Drive, Frederick, MD 21701 rcbowers@adelphia.net  Deceased

52 Robert Chaney 309 Delaware Ave 14103 Adkins Rd., Laurel, MD 20708 ashortputt@msn.com
80 Carolyn J Sigler (Jeanie) 211 West B Street Brunswick MD 54 Mallard Court Charlestown WV 25414 jeanie.hawes@nuclear.energy.gov
2006 Jessica Barnett 324 Brunswick Street 324 Brunswick Street, Brunswick, MD .jessica.barnett@century21.com  

High School Hill

84 Sheri Ramsey (Rice), Wintergreen Ave

6735 Sandpiper Ct, Frederick, MD 21703 starz98slr@adelphia.net


Brick Yard Hill



Gum Spring Hollow


New Addition

82 Eric Smothers (Big E) 153 Jefferson Pike 21758 1 Wenner Drive, Brunswick  MD 21716-1247 selsmothers@aol.com
60 Rhett O. Webber Mountain Road, Knoxville, MD PSC 517 Box R-CV, FPO AP 96517-1000 rhett_webber@yahoo.com


Sandy Hook

52 Harold (Slick) Summers Rt 1, Knoxville, MD 690 State St Duplex 11A Franklin, IN  46131 -2553 hsum702015@aol.com


90  Phillip Allen, Jefferson, MD 21755 7026 Mt Church Rd, Middletown, MD pnkallen@adelphia.net
96 Jennifer Ann Morgan (Jenny) 4009 Jefferson Pike 21755 4009 Jefferson Pike 21755 jammor21@aol.com
88 Susan Elizabeth Allen (Brown) 5832 Catholic Church Road 8 Weiner Dr. Burkittsville, MD 21718 pamperuhere@adelphia.net
98 Jennifer Staccone,  Fry Rd, Jefferson, MD 21755 3809 Old Hanover Rd, Westminster, MD 21158 freakyflychic80@hotmail.com
90 Anna Price (Combes) Jefferson, MD 6320 Garfield St, New Orleans, LA 70118 annacombes@yahoo.com
88 Frank Bentley, 4900 Meadow Court, Jefferson, MD 101 Dunsford Court, Walkersville, MD 21793 bfrankjulie@aol.com

Pt of Rocks

Bells Mill