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Brunswick High School we will be, always true to thee.
 And no matter what we do, we will honor you


2012-2013 Sponsors

Alumni Brian Teller Class of 2000 is alllowing us to use his server for
our Alumni site without any expense to our alumni.  This leaves us with
one expense for our domain name which is paid up for one more
additional year. Curt Webber Webmaster


2011 Sponsors

A very generous, supportive group of alumni
 Worthy of all alumni recognition

Curt Webber Class 1941 Emerson Pearrell Class 1952 Jackie Ebersole Class 1954
Sharon Weddle (Carey) Class 1968 Eddie Wheeler Class 1956 Rhonda Lynn Rooney Class 1974
James (Stuffy) W Rooney Jr. Class 1948 Raymond (Pat) L Rooney Class 1968 Kathy Bondarenka (Cusack) Class 1980

Make check payable to Webmaster Curtis Webber and mail to same at 11198 Lincolnshire Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45240

2004 - 2005 Sponsors
William (Bill) Nelson Class 1945
Janice Barger Class 1944
Fred Brown Class 1944
Jackie McIntosh (Ebersole) Class 1954
Charles Strickler Class 1950
Gary Jones Class 1979
Theresa Phillips (Jones) Class 1984

2003 - 2004 Sponsors

William (Bill) Nelson Class 1945
Janice Barger Class 1944
Regina Moler (Bane) Class 1946
James Barker Class 1968
Charles Strickler Class 1950

Curtis Webber Class 1941
Slick Summers Class 1952 Deceased
Robert Chaney Class 1952
John Spitzer Class 1956
Stanley Rolnick Class 1941

Mary Howe (Mauzy) Class 1951
Nifty 50's Reunion
Richard Bowers Class 1936 Deceased
Elaine Koogle (Bowers) Class 1939 Deceased