B.H.S -CLASSES OF 1930's  

2009 Reunion Luncheon

As graduates of Brunswick High School Class of 1939 reach the 70th anniversary, we will call this group together one more time to acknowledge their longevity and the even higher achievements of earlier 1930 classes. Details for this year follow:

Time -Date Place:       12 Noon to 3:00PM - Saturday , June 20th, 2009

Place:                          Mason Hall (Old West Brunswick School), Brunswick, MD

Cost:                           $13.50 per person

Meal:                            Served @ 12:30 PM
                                    Catered by Tim Simmons, Wing' N Pizza Shack, Brunswick.
                                    Menu includes Fried Chicken, Ham. Au Gratin Potatoes, Succotash, Cole Slaw, Rolls. Iced Tea, & Cake.

Inevitable though it may be, it is always sad to report the passing of former classmates. Leaving us during the past year were Connie Michael Turner (1937);
Freda Gaither Shriver and Gloria Cornelius Merriman (1938); and Mary McMurry Margrabe (1939). Virginia Kidwell Moats sent in an item from Washington Post that former BHS teacher, Aileen Rohr Rhodes died March 7, 2009 at Blue Ridge Christian Home, Rapine, VA.
These losses are even more difficult as all of them had attended some luncheons, and Connie regularly enjoyed bringing a little humor to our programs.

A few words about $ Dollars. Your generous contributions over the years have provided a good financial cushion and helped keep these affairs on the plus side.

While we did use $50 as part of our $200 contribution last year to the Brunswick Veterans Memorial Monument, it is intended to apply the remaining surplus toward
this year's expenses, thereby helping to hold down the price. Although such generosity has been very rewarding and comforting, please refrain from adding any extra
dollars this year ­just send the $13 .50 for each ticket. I'll yell if help is needed.

Hope to see all of you on June 20th.

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