Judge William Wenner
HM Class 1947

Providing some clarification on recounting the history of Brunswick

          Our son has put me onto your's and Fred Brown's stories, and remembrances of the Brunswick we knew when we were growing up. I have one answer for Fred, and one correction. The answer is that Mary Margrabe and Betty Lou (always called "screwball")Darr's shop's name was Mar/Bax, as screwball was then married to Max(?)Baxter.
          The correction is that "Tater"and Gene Rosen didn't have a store on Wenner's Hill. The store on Wenner's Hill that Fred remembered was where my Dad (William B. Wenner) started in the grocery business. when Dad later opened The City Meat Market on West Potomac Street (where Fred's parents dealt), Dad continued the store open on Wenner's Hill, always referred to it as "the store on the hill,"or as "El's (my Mother) store. "Tater" Rosen managed the store for Mother, and Gene was employed by the town. Gene was killed while operating a 10 ton roller for the town (and was traveling down Wenner's Hill) which rolled over him. After "Tater" either died or retired the store on the hill was managed by Mary Phillips, who I believe is still alive.
Thanks to both you and Fred for giving me an opportunity to participate in your recounting the history of the Brunswick we old Geezers knew while we were growing up.
Judge Wenner