Never forget
Alumni that gave their life for our country during war


World War II


Class 1933

Class 1936

Class 1938

Class 1939

Garfield Ambrose Marvin Lowry William Hanvey Wesley Dolan
1st from BHS killed in WWII

Class 1940

Class 1941

Class 1942

Class 1943

Class 1944

George Jenkins, Jr
Charles Kidwiler
Orville Streight

Paul Huffer
Tommy Mills
Roland Moss

Harry Hahn
Earl Harwood

Donald Griffith Eugene Axline

Korean War


Class of 1947

Class of 1948

George Ambrose Sterling Ambrose

Vietnam War

Class 1966

Charles Harbert

Others Making the supreme sacrifice

If there are others that death was a result of  action during any war, please let me know name and war that they were killed, so they can be honored on this page.