Performers/Bands that played at Brunswick Fire Hall
Milt Grant who had a TV teen dance show in Washington DC in the 50's.  came to the Fire Hall many times.  He had dance contest and the winners went to DC and danced on his show. 
Judy Norris (Gardner), Paul (Snooky)  Merriman,  Gloria Moore (Crowl),  Alan Crowl, and John Jones,  Partner unknown  won the dance contest at Brunswick Fire Hall  to dance on The Milt Grant show in Washington DC.  1958 or 1959

 Brenda Lee performed with Milt Grant.

 Local Johnny Norris and the Free State Boys played at the Fire Hall many times and  with Jimmy Dean

Contribuited by Judy Norris (Gardner) Class 1962

Just off the top of my head I think first of Lawrence Welke because we made his outfits, the whole band, at the factory here in Brunswick in the 70's,  The pants were made in Woodsboro matched up and shipped out of our Frederick plant.  Those wild colors, I remember vivid yellow and a sort of orange and others.  Suits you would not wear on the streets.,   ha ha
Guy Lombardo was another

Contributed by Jackie McInt4osh (Ebersole) Class 1954