Brunswick High School 's athletic boosters club is attempting to use the school spirit of Railroaders past to generate future student pride.

The club members are planning the first renovation to the exterior of the school's stadium since it was built in 1965, according to secretary Misty Bitler. The main fundraising method is selling personalized bricks, most of which will make up the walkway of the new entrance.

The 4 X 8 inch engraved bricks with 3 lines of text sell for $50.00 each, 2 for $95.00 or 3 for $135.00.(15 Characters per line)

One 8 X 8 Brick with 3 lines of text & (1)logo or Pair of Logos $100 (15 Characters per line)

It is my hope that others will join me in sponsoring a brick to honor our alumni that gave their life for our country.  I am sponsoring the 3 alumni from the class of 1941 that made the ultimate sacrifice.  If you wish to join me and would like to sponsor one of these other alumni listed below, either from your class or from another class please email me at .  I will sent you the form so you can send it to the appropriate address.

Curt Webber Class of 1941


I haven't, how about you.


Marvin D Lowery KIA Class of 1936
Wesley Dolan  KIA Class of 1939  
George Jenkins KIA Class of 1940  
Charles D Kidwiler ACC Class of 1940  
Orville Streight KIA Class of 1940  
Paul Huffer KIA Class of 1941 Curtis Webber
Charles Thomas Mills KIA Class of 1941 Curtis Webber
Roland Moss KIA Class of 1941 Curtis Webber
Harry H Hahn Jr. KIA Class of 1942
Earl M Harwood KIA Class of 1942
Donald Griffith KIA Class of 1943
Eugene Axline KIA Eugene was drafted prior to his graduation which would have been in Class of 1944
George Ambrose DNB Class of 1947  
Sterling Ambrose DNB Class of 1948
Charles Harbert KIA Class 1966  
Jennifer J Shafer (Odom) KILD Class 1988