There have been other comments received earlier which I no longer have access to. I lost them when my computer crashed. E-Mail received from alumni, children or grandchildren of alumni

From 2003 Alumni Hello, and I have to say, great job with the website! I like it a lot, especially the representation of those who've served. Thanks for keeping this updated,
Kathryn DeYoung (Henderson) class '03
From 1963 and 1970 Alumni living in Florida
Looks good!  Thank you very much for all the work you do in keeping this website's nice for those of us who don't live at home anymore!
Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2008 9:42 PM
Subject: Re: Alumni Information Submission - History Survey

Kathy Hale Cage -  David Cage -

Looking for a buddy from WW2

Dear Sir,

  I am looking for a man named Jack E. Hovermale who was a crew chief on a C-47 plane in the 64th Troop Carrier Group during WWII and flew with my father-in-law name Leo A. Lechner. I was wondering if the man listed on your website as John E. Hovermale could be the same person.
Joe Winkler
1012 Rd. 11
Worland, WY

Bill Eshbaugh, Class of '60

In a message dated 12/30/2007 10:46:46 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Hi Mr. Webber:
I enjoy the BHS website very much.  We travel frequently around the U.S. doing volunteer work and now I have a source to see if any friends or former classmates are in the area we are traveling in. 

I do have one request.  I couldn't find just how to update personal informationIs there an easy and safe way that I just didn't see?

You have to send me the information and I make all entries on the site. Just use the survey form

Thanks for your good work.  I hope someone steps up to help with the maintenance of the site.
Bill Eshbaugh, Class of '60

Bob Headley - Viewer not from Brunswick
Re: Question about Brunswick Theater
12/8/2007 12:49:08 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

 Many thanks.  I'll get a letter off to him this week.  By the way, I really like your website.  I went to City College in Baltimore, but their website is not nearly as interesting.
Best wishes for a happy holiday season.
Bob Headley

1976 Alumni
Class 1979 HM
Class 2005 Secretary
1984 Alumni
Viewer from England
Since Sep 2000
1947 Alumni
1942 Alumni daughter
1958 Alumni Citizen Sports.
1967 Alumni
1948 Alumni son
Attended school 1985
1950 Alumni

1974 Alumni
Don Rockwell
1941 Alumni

1948 Alumni
1946 Alumni

1967 Alumni
1947 Alumni

1943 Alum
HM Class 1979
1957 Alumni
1947 Alumni
1948 Alumni
1955 Alumni
1967 Alumni

1974 Alumni
1979 Alumni
1995 Alumni
1998 Alumni


Subject: Re: Deceased Veterans Burial Form<
Date: 9/15/2007 12:54:05 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
From 1976 Alumni
THIS IS AWESOME!!!  I LOVE IT.  Thank you so much.
on Uncle Doug:  he was in the Navy, died in November 1984
I'll try to get more information from my cousins and email you with additional information.
KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.  It's wonderful what you are doing for Brunswick Alumni.

Hi Mr. Webber,

You've done a great job on the website.  I enjoy looking at it periodically and going back in time. 
I'm writing to you today to offer a few bits of information to update the website.
    Deceased  - Debra Danner (Class of 1974) 
                     - Deana Vanover (Class of 1973)  died March 21, 1999  
    For the Alpha listings--married names:
        Lucille Garrott   (Barnhouse - spelled incorrectly) -- Class of 1941 
        Dixie Garrott     (Shackelford - spelled incorrectly) -- Class of 1959
        Kim Garrott      (Smith) -- Class of 1974
        Kristi Garrott     (Hawes) -- Class of 1976 
Kim Garrott Smith
Treasurer - Class of 1974
I wish that more would offer information concerning correction needed on the site or supply missing informtion.


What a wonderful job you've done! I am an amateur genealogist researching Sigafoose and Darr, so I can add that the following veterans are deceased:

Melbourne Douglas STEWART: 1 May 1919 - Sep 1982
Horace Andrew SIGAFOOSE: 19 Aug 1914 - 5 Nov 1975
Henry Ford SIGAFOOSE: 29 Sep 1921 - Nov 1970
John Harrison SIGAFOOSE: 20 Jul 1917 - 16 Jan 1975
Christine Bendas

I would like to send you an heartfelt apology.  I think I sent you a nasty gram when I thought I couldn't be included on the alumni website, and through your efforts, there I am.  I thank you so much for making that happen.  I wanted to thank you also for keeping the links alive.  Our area is so rich in history, and I enjoy my history there.  I was probably one of the first Brunswick Museum paid employees (through CETA.)  I enjoyed spending the time poking around the Museum website and Check Brunswick First.  It's so nice to have this link to my history, I wish more knew it was there to enjoy.  Keep up the good work, and if there is ever anything I can do to help, you know how to find me (although, from Norfolk, VA, I don't know what that would be.)  Thanks again.
Jeanell Willis nee Morsberger

HM Class 1979

Have you received any response from information posted on the  website?

No not too much but I did print out some of your cards that i am going to include in mailings that I send out soon! Once again thank you so much for your website!

Secretary for Class 2005

Thank you. I will be mailing you some pictures in the near future for you to post as well. I did not even know anything about this website until I accidentally went into it last night. Thanks again for doing this for the alumni

 Jason Russell Class 1995
Can I email you my mothers info, and my sisters as well so it can be put on the website?
     Response.  You sure can.  Just fill out a survey form and I will do the rest.


I love the site, thanks for all your work!    I just sent a
survey form, too.  Thanks!

Chantelle Rytter, class of 1984


Mr. Webber,

I owe you a huge apology, and hope with all of my heart that will accept it.  I asked you a number of years ago about being included on the website and you posted a message to the officers of my class at that time.  I believe that when no results came, I sent you a nasty gram and for that I am truly sorry.  If my brother hadn't seen the new honorary member listing and told me about it, I wouldn't have known.  I'm sure my inquiry had a part in helping to create it; I am sorry for the frustration which I took out on you ( and sorry that I missed the 25th reunion.)  Maybe next time, now that I feel a part.  Obviously, you've put a lot of hard work, blood sweat and tears into this website, and I just wanted to be a part (of my history.)  Thank you for all your efforts.
Jeanell Willis
Honorary Alumni

Class of 79

1/26/2005  From a viewer in England
Dear Curt,

Thank you very much for putting my query on your alumni website.  Through the web I have now been in contact with the American Bryan family and so have found the information I need on my Maryland relatives. 

Once again thank you very much for your assistance; I now no longer need to take up space on your terrific site.

Best wishes,

Andrea Bryan Jarman  England

RE: Alumni Information
From: (Smith, Kim)
To: ('')

I truly understand--no problem!  I'm sorry to hear you had a death in the family. 

Thanks for taking the time to maintain the alumni information data base.  It was great to see the pictures from long ago.

Thanks again!
Kim Garrott Smith


Alumni from Class of 1979 8/20/2004

Hello!  I am an alumni of the Class of 1979 and would like to have our reunion information posted on the Alumni website.  Please let me know if we are able to do so!  The website looks great!

Response Sure you can enter your information.  This is what this site is for to spread the word to our alumni especially scheduled reunions.  There is a form on the site you can complete and submit.  On the first page you access click on Access to all forms, then click on Reunion, fill out the form and submit.

Alumni from Class 1998  8/20/2004
I thought that I had gone under the wedding forms and filled out the information there.  If you could also include the part about getting married at Bethany Lutheran Church in Brunswick I would appreciate it.  I think you are doing something wonderful and it is a nice way to see what my fellow classmates have been up to.  It will mean even more when I go overseas and be away from everyone.  Also, my grandparents both went to Brunswick (as well as a large part of my family) so it is neat to get to read things about them that I didn't know before.


Subj: Brunswick HS Web Site
Date: 12/21/99 6:07:18 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: DonRocks - son of 1940 Alumni


Hello Mr. Webber,

I'm not sure if you're affiliated with Brunswick HS or simply a web designer under contract, but I just want you to know how happy it made me to find my dad's picture on the web. My father passed away five years ago, but it's nice to know he will be living on in perpetuity on the internet - he'd be absolutely shocked! It was the best Christmas present I could have received.

Best Regards,
Don Rockwell

son of Hilleary Rockwell
Class of 1940

P.S. I'm going to have my mom fill out and send in the survey form. She'll be absolutely thrilled to see my dad's picture on his webpage - I'm going to show her on Christmas day I think.

Alumni from Class 1941

Would you please send to my granddaughter Amy the e-mail web site address

Alumni from Class 1948

Who sent in a change of address form

Roma has my correct address. I just wanted to include my e-mail.

I was thrilled to learn of the BHS web site. You have done a great job creating it. The trains are wonderful! Congratulations and thanks.

Alumni from Class 1946

Certainly enjoyed your alumni reunion WebSite! Thanks loads for exposing me as the old lady I am! ONLY KIDDING!! You have really done a bang-up job.

You can put my e-mail address on my class page and I will furnish the rest of the info later.

Alumni from Class 1967 - submitted survey for parents, Delphy & Betty Gaither

Hi Curt;
It sure was a nice surprise to see what you've done at the BHS web site. It was kind of like a visit back home. While browsing the alumni pages, I saw many peoples names and pictures that brought back lots of fond memories. Thank you so much.
I was very pleased to see that photo of Uncle Hillary Rockwell. Believe it or not, I have a photo of him, his wife Nellie, my Grandparents (Paul and Mame Gaither), Pink Nalley, and Sarge & Mill Rooney; hanging on the wall above my computer. It's a group photo from a wedding anniversary.
Again, Thanks for the memories!

Dave Gaither <---------class of 67

Alumni from Class of 1947

You have done a great job on the web page I forgot to give you my Phone Number 1-301-834-8447.

Charles Young(Sonny)
Class of 1947

Daughter of Dorothy (Graham) Moss Class 1943

Mr. Webber -

My mom (Dorothy Moss) and I have just spent some time enjoying the great information and pictures displayed on your website. Thanks!
Linda Clements

Barbara DeVoe, Class of 1957

Date: 6/2/00 10:21:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time

First of all, I think the web site is great! It is a good way to keep in touch and I know I will check it periodically.

It would be nice if items about classmates and teachers were posted on the web site. Recently the class of 1957 lost one of its members, Bobby Mullen, and Virginia Hardesty (a former business teacher) passed away. I'm sure there are people not living in the Brunswick vicinity who would want to know and your web site could provide such information. I know it takes someone local who is willing to accept the responsibility. Just a thought.

Wife and daughter of Eugene Boyer Class 1947

Subj:    Eugene Boyer Class of 1947
Date:    6/28/00 5:29:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   (Teresa Waters)
To:   ('')
  Hello Mr. Webber,
I am writing on behalf of my father who passed away in June 1995.  I recently just found out about the Brunswick High web site, which I am a graduate of as well, and saw the page on alumni information where you can find information on past graduates and my Mother and I would like to add my father's information even though he has passed on.  Is this possible?  We  thought it would be nice should one of his classmates ever want to look up the people they graduated with and know what happened to them

 Janet Bowers (Wine) Class 1948

Subj: Re: 40's Change of Address/Telephone/Spouse
Date: 6/29/00 11:00:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Janandfran

Dear Mr. Webber:
Thank you for your prompt reply to my request for an address change, etc.; I will keep in touch with the BHS website from time to time and look forward to contacting some of my 1948 classmates. Very interesting news clips about former teachers and students; they bring back many fond memories. Thanks again for all your time and talent to develop this link back to our teen years!!
 Sincerely, Janet Bowers Wine.


Dick Cummings Class of 1955

Date: 7/27/00 7:52:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (George R Cummings)

 Grayson Cummings was my dad and Bus was my uncle.You probably remember my brother,Bill--A.K.A jr. to the family, he also graduated in 40.
 I have a cousin Jim Caniford who graduated in 41 that I just contacted after about 35 or so years by e-mail thanks to the B.H.S. web page.

Dick Cummings

Nancy Ferrell (Piper Class 1967

Subj: Class of 67
Date: 8/7/00 11:19:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: NANA126

I see that Kathy Pentoney (Stewart) submitted a form for our class. However, she doesn't show up on the list. There were two sisters (twins) in our class, Karen and Kathy Pentoney. There is only one listing for a Pentoney on our class page -- Daron Pentoney and we had no one in our class by that name. Hope I didn't confuse you too much. You did a great job on this web site. Thanks!


Neild Gordon Class 1947


Subj: great web page
Date: 10/10/00 10:08:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (nield gordon)
Reply-to: (nield gordon)

Curt, Found your web page and it is really great. I was hoping I could see some pictures you took at the 40 reunion. We all had a great time, and I am proud to be from good old BHS, class of 1947. Will get looking at your web page. Nield Gordon


Pauline Cummings (Barnhart)
- Class 1942 daughter

Subj: Brunswick's 1925 Baseball Team
Date: 10/15/00 8:26:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Jeanne764

GRAND-DAUGHTER OF GEORGE CUMMINGS - Member 1925 Brunswick Baseball

Dear Mr. Webber,
I wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed reading the Web Site that you created for Brunswick High School Alumni. What a lot of time and effort it must have taken.
I attended Brunswick Elementary School from the first through the third grade and then moved with my parents to Baltimore, Maryland. I searched to see if I remembered any of the names listed for the graduating class of 1964 and was surprised to see several who were in my class. I have tried unsuccessfully to get someone to copy pictures from a BHS 1964 Yearbook. I would love to see the pictures of those graduates.
A big thank you is in order for the picture of the 1925 Brunswick Baseball Team. Imagine my surprise when I saw a picture of my grandfather, George Cummings, who I never met. George Cummings died of pneumonia just two years after that picture was taken, at the early age of 32. My mother, Pauline Cummings Barnhart - Class of 1942, was only two-years-old at the time. I would like to know where I could obtain a copy of that original photograph. It would mean a great deal to my mother and me.
By the way Mr. Webber, one of the children who was in my class was Janie Webber. Even though I was young, I remember her fondly. Is she a relative of yours?
Again, thank you for the trip down memory lane (that I shared with my mother.) I would appreciate hearing from you.

Jeanne Barnhart Herrod
Salem, WV


Gorel Hauver Class 1958

Subj: (no subject)
Date: 2/15/01 9:51:55 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Sportsc740

Nield Gordon gave me your web site address.  

Just looked over it and it is Great.  You have put a lot of work into this, you should be proud.

Later when I have time going to take a closer look at everything on it.  My wife, Beverly, will be interested also.

Garel Hauver, class of '58



Cindy Porter (Beckley) Class 1967

Subj: BHS Alumni
Date: 3/17/01 12:40:56 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Cindy Beckley)

    I have enjoyed what you have done with with the website so far and I am wondering if you have a vehicle for acquiring information on deceased alumni such as both of my parents who were in classes of 1939 and 1940.
    Would you like for me to fill in info for them as if they were living and then fill in their dates of death at the bottom of the form?  How do you acquire the obits?
    Thanks for your interest and hard work in all of this.
Cindy Porter Beckley

Robert Foster (Bob) Class 1948 son


Bob Foster


3/20/01 9:56:20 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (The Fosters)

I am writing to thank you for adding my father to alumni of the day page.  He was quite excited when he heard that he had been chosen.  He asked that I update you to the missing information for latter use.


Kathy (Carey) Gascoigne Class 1985

Subj: The BHS website is great
Date: 7/16/01 11:33:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (The Gascoignes)
Hi!  I just wanted to let you know that the BHS website you maintain is super.  You've done a great job.  I went to BHS for my Senior year in 1985.  I wish the other High School that I went to had a website like BHS.  I was flipping through the obituaries and I found some family Aunt's son (Walter Baker) that had recently passed away.  I couldn't believe it when I saw the name.  Would you happen to know how long he was a custodian for BMS?  I just wonder if he was working there when I attended BHS in 1985.   Anyway, keep up the great work. 
 Kathy (Carey) Gascoigne
Subj: BHS Alumni-Class of 1950
Date: 12/9/01 4:54:17 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Chuck Strickler)
Hello BHS Neighbor,
      Permit me to thank you for the super job you have done to bring old friends---who had lost track of each other---back together.
      This is a huge project and can't be an easy job from your perspective.  Thank you so very much.
      May I also use this means to inform you that I have recently changed ISP.   My  new address is
Thanks again.
Charles E. Strickler
113 W Martin St.
Snow Hill, MD
Class of 1950