Brunswick Downtown in late 40's

Those were the days my friends

            During the 40's and 50's on a Saturday night, these blocks were teeming with shopper, revelers, boys trying to meet girls and girls trying to meet boys from Brunswick's Eastend, Westend, New York Hill, Wenners Hill, Brick Yard Hill, High School Hill, Tin Row, Gum Spring Hollow, New Addition, Rosemont, Petersville, Knoxville, Weverton, Frederick, Middletown, Pt of Rocks,  Burkettsville, Brownsville, Gapland, Jefferson, Sandy Hook, Harpers Ferry, Lovettsville, Leesburg, Berryville, Charles Town, - West Virginia, Virginia and the rural areas.  Cars could be observed traveling in circles around the block at times with horns blowing, waving, making comments,  just looking or trying to get attention. At times it was difficult to walk on the sidwalks without stepping off the curb to the street to get around others. Individuals were seen sitting on stairways or entrances to business.

        During the Christmas holidays colored Christmas lights were strung across the street from telephone electric light poles to one on the opposite side of the street  Where the street starts up the incline in the above photo was the busy section.  This was what is today's Malls, the place to be on a Saturday night.