The Brunswick Junior Baseball League became involved in replacing the lights four years ago, when the original lights at the field became a safety hazard. Members of the league, which serves 13- through 18-year-olds and feeds into the increasingly successful baseball program at Brunswick High, became concerned that if the lights did not get replaced, students would lose their only place for practice.

So, the group and the Frederick County school board reached an agreement if the league raised $119,000 for new lights, the school board would exempt it from future field fees for 25 years.

The baseball league now is getting close to fulfilling their side of that agreement. During the last three years, the community sports league raised funds, applied for grants and gathered $98,000 for the new lights.

A big portion of the money came from the Frederick County Parks and Recreation Department, which gave the league a $45,000 grant for the initiative.

With most of the funds in place, the group decided to take out a loan for the remaining amount and purchase the lights in the fall, so they could be installed in time for the new school year. The lights were installed in the field in the first week of September.

For Jim Wigfield, a coach for the Brunswick Junior League, that was a relief.

"The old lights that we had weren't that good," he said.

"You just can't see the ball when it's coming at you. It was definitely a safety thing."

With the new lights in place, the league now hopes that local donors will help pay off their loan before the end term of the loan in 2014.

The Brunswick Junior Baseball League worked hard to light up the baseball field at Brunswick High School and create a safe practice place for the community's baseball players. Now the league needs the community's help to keep the new lights shining.

The Brunswick Junior Baseball League is trying to raise money to pay for the lights, which were installed at the high school baseball field this fall. The group needs to pay off a five-year, $20,000 loan. The league hopes that local businesses and individuals will help with donations.

"We are in the process of trying to pay for that loan," said Michael Tome, the light fund coordinator for the league. "Every dollar counts. Every dollar would go to that fund."

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