The end of freshmen initiation tradition by seniors
 Drop your paddles - the party's over

     Drop your paddles - the party's over". And so began a new era at Brunswick High School on that first day of school in September, 1932. Having just completed seven years of elementary education in a three-room school at Point of Rocks and moving to Brunswick that summer, my twin brother and I were not prepared for what was in store for us that morning. We hadn't had the opportunity to make many friends and to learn of our new school traditions. As we approached the high school at the crest of the hill, much to our surprise was a welcoming party to greet us. Armed with paddles, a line of seniors were urging us to submit to the "Initiation" for new students
     Time was of the essence - should we submit or run back for our safety and find another route to get inside that building. AND THEN IT HAPPENED! Someone yelled "here comes the new principal" and all eyes were on a clean-cut, young man descending the steps from the south entrance door.       As he approached the line of seniors with that famous stern expression, he brought the party to an end forever. A sigh of relief followed - from that moment on, Wilbur Devilbiss was a man to make an indelible impression on all of his students (and faculty) thereafter.
     To my memory, there haven't been many like him since.

Richard Bowers 1/14,2006
Class year: 1936

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