Historical information
About many prominent citizens and BHS Alumni
From 1911 Yearbook
Submitted by Fred Brown, Jr. Class 1944 - Former Teacher and Principal at  BHS
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Hi, Curt!
I've finally   gotten around to finding this yearbook, which belonged to Ellen Barger Litten's sister Myrtle Barger.  I've noticed some discrepancies between the names given in the yearbook and the listings on the website, so thought I'd send you names of the classes as listed in the yearbook.  I realize that some listed as underclassmen may not have gone on to graduation, and in fact probably a good number of them didn't.
Anyway, this is how the yearbook lists them:  (Many of these names are so familiar to me, but I cannot now remember what their connections were.  Maybe you do.  Where I was fairly certain I have indicated what they did.)
1911--Philip Edge, Beryl Beck, George Grubb (banker), Katie Thomas, Nada Unger, Virginia Wenner (Principal Brunswick Elementary), Annie Wenner, Hugh Wright, and Alma Robertshaw.  Ex-members:  Grace Ault, Ernest Ault, Bessie Lilly, Ruth Harrison, Levia Pumphrey, Annie Roelke.
1912:  Emily Crampton (later postmistress at Knoxville, I believe), Evelyn Evans, Robert Fellers (later of Fellers Grocery store on E. Potomac St.), Oscar Karn (Karn Lumber Yard, Brunswick.)
1913:  Agnes Barker, Katie Eagle (married Lloyd Roelke), Floyd Feete (Note:--an e but no s on this name. He and his brother Lee were town undertakers), Clarence Kaetzel, George Roeder, Belle Sanner, Mary Reed, Orlando Burkholder, Edith Fellers ( I believe she married a Thompson who was Robert Fellers' partner in their grocery store), Edna Karn, Mary Leehan, Lucille Shannon, Anna Thomas, Marie Smith, Elsie Talbott (teacher at East Brunswick).
1914:  Martha Bingham, Thelma Carlisle, Nora Graybill, Grove Horine (Horine's Drug Store), Lewis Hightman, Georgia Hood (my first-grade teacher), William Cooper, Leoma (Yes, that is Leoma)  Penner, Roger Sigafoose, Irl  Thomas, Henry Earl, Guy Fellers, Mildred Karn, Eva Lloyd, Hillery Mills, Frank Sulcer, Irene Sagle, Mark VanPelt, Viola Davis, Apalona Fahrney,  Lloyd Kepler, Ford Meadows (Didn't he become a dentist with a practice in Brunswick??), Bernice Robertshaw, Myra Synnott, Harris Sanner, William Wenner, Melvin Nichols, Lloyd Roelke,  (Side note--both Bill Wenner and Lloyd Roelke had grocery stores in Brunswick.), Clara Stunkle, Hazel Wayble (I believe she married a man whose last name was Goode, and was Principal of East Brunswick Elementary), Louis Beck, William Cooper, Raymond Crim, Paul Garrott, Elizabeth Nixon (I believed she married ____________Manuel and was mother of Rebecca Manuel and of Ralph Nixon Manuel), Charles Gross. 
The following were listed in an article about alumni from years before 1911:
1902:  Pearl Montgomery, Allen Danner (Their marriage was listed.)
1903:  Garland Alder was to graduate from Washington and Lee University in 1911 as a civil engineer.;  Howard Dixon had attended Randolph Macon to become a minister, but dropped out and was working as a clerk at the Brunswick YMCA.
Eugene Elgin graduated from U. of MD and has practiced medicine in East Berlin PA for the past two years.  Gertrude Gregory attended Hannah More Academy in  Balto. and "When the commercial department was opened at our school she spent a year in this work."  Virginia Gregory spent a year or so at the Episcopal Seminary in Winchester, VA, and now (1911) lives in Brunswick.  Elizabeth Hedges "was a student of the Girls' Latin School, Baltimore, and aftger several years at home took up the commercial course at our school."  (Note--It's not clear whether the people mentioned in connection with the commercial department were "post-graduate" students or teachers there.  Possibly the program was open to former students.)  Louise Miller is a primary teacher in the East End School at Brunswick.  She completed the course  of Elocution under Elizabeth McDaniel and spent the summer of 1910 attending the Emerson School of Art, Boston, MA.  Anna Wolfersberger passed the teachers' examination for Washington County and is teaching at Sandy Hook, MD.
1904:  Carolyn Compton is a graduate of the Normal School at Baltimore and is a teacher at Brunswick High School.  (Note--Miss Compton taught my father and later  me at West Brunswick Elementary.  Later she rejoined BHS faculty where I taught with her, and then later I was her principal.  Miss Compton had two sisters, one of whom didn't marry, and the other, Lillian Compton, who became President of Frostburg State College.)
1905:  Ollie Cannon is a clerk at W.L. Gross store, Brunswick.  William Dixon attended Dickinson College at at present (1911) an employee of  B&O RR.  (He and Lloyd Roelke were joint operators of Roelke and Dixon Grocery store on West Potomac St.).  Winnie Potterfield began teaching at Lovettsville Elementary School immediately after BHS graduation.  Flora Leehan is living in Brunswick. (all these present tenses are as of 1911.)
1906:  Fannie Kaplon attended Peabody Conservatory of Music, Balto.and is now teaching music in
Brunswick.  Harry Miles works for the B&O RR in Pittsburgh, PA.  Mary Musgrove married Vernon Collier.  Elsie Sigafoose married Edward Darr.   Roy Strailman studied at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Balto. and now teaches music and clerks for the B&O. (Roy Strailman worked as a clerk on the B&O for many year in Washington D.C. and retired from that position,) 
1907:  Fenton Wenner studied for several years at the MD Agricultural College (which I believe is now the U. of MD.) and is clerk in the B& O yards. (Fenton Wenner was a Yardmaster on the B&O at Brunswick for many years and retired from this position)  Amos Kaplon attended the New York Institute of Mercantile Training. [Both he and his sister Fannie worked at Kaplon's Department Store in Brunswick, established by their father, Victor Kaplon.  Their brother, Myer Kaplon, (see class of 1910) was the store manager when I was in school and later.]   Alice Miles took the (post graduate?) business course at BHS.
1908:  Raymond Kidwell died on January 10, 1909.  Jessie Webb took a post graduate course (the before-mentioned commercial course??) at BHS and entered the normal department (the teaching department) at Powhatan College, where she was expected to complete the 2-year course in one year.  Nellie Dorman is an active worker in the Lutheran Church and Sunday School.
1909:  No graduates.  The high school course was extended by one year to permit the school to be accredited.
1910:  Myer Kaplon is attending Deichmann's College Preparatory School in Balto.  Next year he expects to attend Johns Hopkins University.  (I believe he attended Columbia University in New York and studied journalism.  For years he wrote a column for the Brunswick Blade-Times under the pen name EMKAY.  At the same time he also managed the family department store.  He was an amateur photographer, and many of his pictures were at one time in the Brunswick Museum.  Alice Campbell (who, I believe, later married Oscar Karn of the Karn Lumber Yard in Brunswick) is a clerk in the People's National Bank, Brunswick  I know that Alice Karn was a neighbor of my grandmother and remember that there was some relationship to the Campbell name.)
Hope this will help to fill in some gaps.  The web site is better every time I check it.

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