The Bethany Lutheran Church is having a fund raiser.  They are selling these coverlets.  They show several of the older buildings in Brunswick, which aren't here anymore. 

The color will be Williamsburg Blue.  The one in the picture is in green but we won't be offering that color this time.  The spread in this photo is spread out over a three cushion couch to give you an idea of how big it is.  It measures 6' x 4' with fringe.  The border represents railroad tracks.  We are selling them for $40 each.  If they need to be mailed we would have to include postage. 

These make lovely Christmas or birthday gifts.  They depict some of our railroading history of Brunswick and our childhood memories of these buildings. 

Contact Linda Henson @ to determine postage charge if items are to be shipped and for additional instructions for handling.

Print, fill out and mail to Linda Henson, 3839 Burkittsville Rd., Knoxville, MD 21758

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My check in the amount of $______________ is enclosed. Payable to Bethany Lutheran Church